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What’s In Store For Digital Marketing In 2018?

This year, 2017, was very exciting for online marketing. All web advertising made considerable gains over traditional channels like TV, indicating the inevitable shifts to come in the industry. We also so innovative companies that prioritized customer convenience and satisfaction make the most gains (hello, Amazon). With the release of Google Home smart gadgets, we are also approaching an era where voice-controlled AI would factor in advertising. As interesting as 2017 was, 2018 is going to be even more epic. Let’s look at some of the trends that will most likely overtake the digital advertising sector in 2018: 

Personalisation is King 

Today’s digital content is driven by personalisation. Web and mobile users are constantly bombarded with generic marketing messages. Most are often ignored, so the best way to get a user to engage with content is to personalise it. Personalisation, which falls under account-based marketing, will become more prominent next year as more and more companies get on board. Personalising content for tens of thousands of potential buyers is not easy. We will likely see more companies hiring a digital marketing company to handle personalisation issues.  

Chatbots will Replace Human Customer Service Employees 

Already, companies are increasingly relying on automated live chat software to deliver customer service. Live chat tools these days are powered by artificial intelligence, so interaction with these programs feels real to human customers. Brands relied on human employees to provide customer service and also pitch new products. Soon, these marketing aspects will be handled by the chatbots. It will be a whole new channel marketers have to master.  

Get Ready for Quantitative Marketing 

If “quant marketing” is not a term you are familiar with, you will probably have to get used to the term as 2018 rolls around. The term refers to a heavily data-driven advertising model. In this sector, data scientists would work directly with marketers to fine-tune advertisements to be more relevant and appealing to the target audience. Data is getting a more prominent role in advertising across all channels. Expect this to near peak levels next year.  

More Augmented Reality 

If you didn’t spend 2017 under a rock, then you would be very familiar with the success Pokemon Go, an augmented reality app, enjoyed. It made viral videos and newspaper headlines. Next year, expect more augmented reality content that promotes brands. The iPhone X, which will be released this year, is optimized for AR content. More new devices would support AR and VR and marketers better be ready to get on the bandwagon ahead of the competition.  

Content will Have to be Voice Optimised 

Not just search engines, in 2018, voice-controlled devices would drive content optimization. Currently, about 20 percent of online searches are voice searches. Tech industry insiders expect this number to more than double by 2020 as more people adapt voice-controlled smart gadgets. So the next optimization war will be for devices supporting software like Alexa and Siri. Marketers had to optimise content for mobile when people began adapting handheld devices more. Likewise, as people will surely switch to voice search more and more, it will be yet another technology to find optimization techniques for.  

Also, expect a change in direction for social media platforms. Former powerhouses like Twitter, which is experiencing near zero growth, will become less relevant and Gen Z favourites like Snapchat will gain more ground. Changes are definitely happening in 2018.  

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