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What To Pack For Victoria Falls Safari: 9 Tips for Novice Travellers  

If you have already planned your first ever tour to Southern and East Africa with your friends and are now dreaded by the thought of packing for air travel, do not panic as you are not alone in this excruciating struggle of managing the minute luggage details. Indubitably, the struggle is real and packing for such a rugged trip requires a meticulously crafted balance – if you pack too little, you are going to splash a lot of cash on buying essential items later on, and if you pack too much, you will be groping for important little things at critical moments under the rug of mammoth, irrelevant items. And should you pack in a manner deemed to be suspicious, you’ll find yourself on the wrong end of a full body cavity search from a grumpy airport security inspector. Therefore, a beforehand knowledge of what exactly should you put into your travel bag would go a long way in making your already memorable journey into a smooth one.  And keeping in mind the variable weather around Victoria Falls, everything has to be on point.   

Now, to save you from a packing nightmare, we have compiled for you a holistic set of tips that you must go through: 

Opt for light, cotton clothing in neutral tones  

These fabrics work best in a hot climate and are ideal for your Victoria Falls Safari. Pack about three t-shirts and three pairs of shorts. Do not pack white shirts; they show the dirt up easily and make you highly visible to the animals. 

Include a long sleeved shirt and trousers  

In the planes of Southeast Africa, the evenings can be chilly. Your long-sleeved shirt, thus, will serve a two-pronged purpose: warding off the cold and keeping mosquitoes and other insects at bay. 

A lightweight waterproof jacket is essential   

Temperatures can vary greatly there. While morning and afternoon drives can be chilly, by midday you’ll be more than comfortable wearing shorts and a t-shirt. The secret is to wear several layers that you can take off or add to as needed.  

Don’t forget to bring a good pair of hiking shoes 

Unless you are doing a walking Victoria Falls Safari, there is no need to pack heavy-duty hiking boots. A good durable pair of trainers is all that is needed. 

Include a wide-brimmed hat  

Choose a hat that has a wide enough brim to shade your eyes and the back of your neck (this is an area most people forget, and where they get sunburn). 

Don’t forget the sunscreen  

Keep a sunscreen with a high SPF or sun protection factor of between 30 and 50. The last thing you want on holiday is a bad sunburn or sunstroke. Be sure that your sunscreen offers sufficient protection against UV rays.  

A camera, charger, and spare memory cards are vital to capturing this once in a lifetime experience 

Before leaving Australia, do check whether the places you will be residing at will provide you with the necessary adaptors or whether you need to bring your own along. As you are about to embark on your Safari to Victoria Falls area, you really don’t want to ruin your time with a switched off mobile or the battery-dead camera.  

The mandatory medical kit 

Pack a small bag or medical kit with some painkillers, any chronic medications (enough for the trip), some insect repellent, lip balm, bandages, plasters, a sedative (if you are a nervous traveller), anti-nausea medication, chewing gum (for air pressure changes in the plane), tissues and any anti-malarial prophylaxis as you’re heading into a malaria zone. 

A book 

If you are still single, you will really need a nice book for quality companionship; places like Victoria Falls always make you want to delve deeper into the meanings of the natural beauty, and when it comes down to opening the horizons of the mind, books work best.  

Having decided on the stuff you are going to bring along on your maiden safari, its time to contact the most time-tested Destination Management Company vis-à-vis African tours which should also be able to offer you tailor-made tour packages.   

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