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Web Addresses: How to Do It Right and Avoid Mistakes

Getting the web address done right is one of the most fundamental tasks of building a website. However, it’s very easy to mess this up. Most people are negligent when it comes to creating the URL for a site. It’s simple, so it’s easy to ignore the basic rules and make common mistakes. The problem is that these mistakes will stay with the site for life. So, here is a list of things you should know about to create the perfect URL for your website:

Do a Copyright Check

First of all, it’s important to have all the names you come up with double checked for any potential copyright conflicts. The agent that does the domain name registration will only check to see if the web address you want is not already registered. Even slight variations can result in copyright lawsuits. Therefore, spend some time researching the name you have chosen to make sure no one else has trademarked it.

Don’t Use Too Many Keywords

Inserting the main keyword in the web address is a common technique to get search engines to recognize websites better. However, some people go over the top and insert more than one keyword. This is highly discouraged. For one, keyword insertion must be absolutely natural. If you do more than one, you risk the URL sounding weird. Also, inserting more than one keyword will make the web address longer. URLs must be kept short and simple, period. So, use only the most relevant and important keyword and keep the rest for on-page SEO.

Test the Web Address with Other People

Don’t forget to test the web address with other people who are not related to the company. Ideally, you should test the address with a sample of the target audience. The main reason to do this is because you want to make sure the web address you have chosen is not hard to remember. Or, that it does not sound ridiculous to other people. It’s easy to end up with an unintentionally funny URL. Here are some examples:,,, and (a very unfortunate shortening of the brand name Cumbria). Do not let this happen to your website and have other people sound it out.

Use an Appropriate Extension

It’s very important that you use the right domain extension for your website. For most commercial sites, .com is the best. However, don’t hesitate to use .org or .net if these extensions are more appropriate. Also, do not use obscure domain extensions that people can get very suspicious about. In addition to the main extension, also consider getting a country extension if needed. If the target audience is mainly from a single country, then it’s better to use a country extension as well.

Buy Misspelled Versions

Is the web address you have chosen have common misspellings? For example, can be easily misspelled as Amazon is sometimes types in as If there are such misspelled versions of your site, buy domains for misspellings as well. It will prevent scammers from setting up fake sites under the misspellings, and you can get customers quickly redirected to your genuine site.

Avoid Numbers and Dashes

Don’t make the web address unnecessarily complicated by including numbers or dashes. Only use numbers if they are in the brand name of your company. Even so, it’s best to avoid using such characters.

Use the above suggestions and finally get the perfect web address that will make the site you build a success, Browse further at

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