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The game keeps the mind healthy!

Games are important for health. Most of the athletes are healthier than a businessman or other officers. Games improve not just health, but it also improves mental health i.e. depression, anxiety, and insomnia. Games have many different types and every person loves to play according to his choice. Moreover, every country has its own national game.  AFL is the most populated game in Australia. AFL widely plays in Australia. Many Australian consider this a national game. 

History of AFL football: 

AFL is originated in 1896s by Tom wills.  This game was started in Victoria the capital of Melbourne, Australia. This is the most popular football game in Australia. The first club of AFL football was formed in Queensland. Another club was formed in South Australia. Both teams VFA (Victorian football associations) and SFA (south Australian football association) consisted of eight-team leagues. In the 1870s both clubs played their first inter-colonial match.  This game is played between two teams by an oval-shaped ball. 

Rules of AFL football: 

  • AFL is a 20 minutes game that plays in a ground. 
  • The pitch should be oval and 135 to 185 meters in length and 110 to 155 meters in width. 
  • In AFL each team consists of 18 plays, and all these players stand at different positions.  
  • AFL has 7 umpires and 3 umpires are main umpires and their decision is considered as final. Every quarter is started by the umpire on bouncing the ball. 
  • For goal, a player must kick the ball, without touching the ball, the ball kicks by two middle posts. 
  • For doing a goal, the ball mustn’t touch by a rival team. 
  • The ball is moved in the ground by kicking, running, and handballing.  
  • A player can just tackle its opponent by its shoulder. 

Facts about AFL football: 

AFL (Australian football league) is an exciting match and own by AFL. It is a popular game in Australia. In AFL game rugby through the ball to its teammate.  In case of the penalty, a team mark with a free-kick. A looser of this game awards with a wooden spoon. St. Kilda was won 27 wooden spoons in the history of this game. In 1858, ALF was played for 3 days and in the end, the game was drawn, because both teams were failed in doing the goal. In 1910, due to bribery charges, Alex Lang and Doug Fraser were remained suspended for 99 days. It is the longest suspension in the history of this game.  

Richmond football club: 

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AFL balls: 

AFL game ball is a special oval shape ball for national games. As the game was originated from Australia, the AFL ball was also originated from Australia. The more important thing about this game is, this is officially played in just Australia. Many fans of this game love to wear clothing according to their favourite team. Sydney swans’ shop is also a store that provides all kinds of wears and balls. 

Buy your favourite merchandise: 

Lovers of AFL games are always willing to wear their favourite team shirts. Many students love to play this game, for students and games lover Richmond Football club merchandise is offering a wide range of merchandise at discount prices. In Sydney, where people are love to play games for the remaining healthy Sydney swans shop is offering a wide range of all kinds of balls and shirts. Other using gadgets are also available at Sydney swans shop as well as at Richmond Football club merchandise.  

What’s new? 

Here many people think that all these merchandises are available at every shop but Richmond Football club merchandise and Sydney swans shop have all kinds of wear for the whole family. Kangaroo brand ball in every colour is also available at these shops. Games are important for better health. An athlete can defeat many diseases by his strong immune system. And games make his immune system strong. Games are inevitable for a healthy life. As the weather changes, every person needs more care for health so play games and remains healthy.  

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