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Quantifying your experience, certifications to be proud of. 

There are a lot of us out here who never had the luxury of a college education. Some of us just weren’t cut out for another 4 years of studying while others didn’t have the means to afford it. Others didn’t know what the wants to major in but at the end of the day the idea which we are trying to put across is that there are some major benefits in the job market if you have a college degree on you CV. However, life doesn’t stop if you don’t have one. There are tonnes of things you can do without one however, you may not be in the same bracket or industry as those with college degrees.
Many people move into fields which do not necessarily require a great deal of education, they are the type of field which you can simply get into with practice and a observing how others do it. However, don’t get us wrong, in no way does that mean that these jobs are in anyway easier than say… a bank job. The people who work skilled jobs work just as hard if not harder than those tertiary sector. The only thing which they may lack is a certification or degree stating their level in their respective fields.

If you are one of those people who are looking to gain some sort of certification for the work which they have done and the experience which they have gained over the years, then perhaps we might have a pretty good solution for you here today. Skill Certified is a company which looks to provide their clients with the certification which they could never have achiever before. They recognise the experience which you have had in the field of question and then you go through the steps which they have laid out, after which they will award you the certification which you desire and well… that’s about it. Keep reading till the end of the article for more about the company and certification in general.

If you are considering whether the company even has the certification for your line of work, we understand where you are coming from, it’s a valid concern. Some of us might be working some pretty out there jobs which aren’t really recognised as a majority line of work to be involved in.

However, you probably don’t need to worry about that. The company deals in recognition of prior learning for several different field and job types. If you go to their website, towards the bottom they have them all listed out in order. There are so many to choose from, you will probably fall into one category or another. If not? Maybe get in touch with them and see what they can help you out in any way?

Another factor which may be on your mind about the company is how authentic the degree is and whether anyone will really take it seriously or not. Well… the thing is, if these degrees didn’t have any value then the company wouldn’t be around nor would it be doing as well as it currently is.
Moreover, by that logic, if the degree doesn’t work out, you didn’t have one prior either, and were still getting by right, so it comes back to the same thing. However, rest assured that the recognition of prior learning certificates are authentic and have enough worth to put onto you CV and maybe help better you chances of finding a job.

We understand how hard it can be in such a cut throat capitalistic market as today to get by, therefore, we hope that you take note of the company and consider the services which they are offering. They really could help you move on and onto bigger and better things. They will take your experience and put it down on paper, something which was practically unheard of before this.

We thank you for reading this far and hope that you consider the recommendation provided. However, at the end the decision is entirely up to you as it should be, we can only state the facts and provide suggestions.


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