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How to incorporate marble in your home design?

Many people start envisioning their dream home from very early on in their lives. As kids you play with toys and think of the type of house that is perfect of you and the remnants of these thoughts carry on with you into your adult life. Most people aim at increasing their standard of living as they get older which is one of the many reasons that they continue to work hard, put in extra hours and get stressed and tired in the process just to achieve their dream. Others may accept job offers from other states or countries which may require leaving their family behind or uprooting their family from where they have been living for so many years and the place that holds their loved ones and culture just to get a better chance at life. All these efforts are put in to improve the way they are living and one of the many ways is to do that is to build your own home the way you like it and tailor it perfectly according to your needs and desires. Building a house is not an easy thing to do; first you have to save a lot of money just to get a plot of land to build it on and getting in touch with a good builder and so on. Moving on, the design of the house is just as crucial and choosing things such as the material of certain places such as the bathroom or stairway is a vital element of home design. If you are planning on using a lot of marble, then it is better to get into contact with marble wholesalers in Sydney that will provide you the stone at a more affordable rate. 

There are many materials to choose from such as granite that gives a lot of texture or onyx that is known for its rich colour availability and can look like the clouds and even sand deserts. Bricks are another commonly used material that has been around for ages as not only is it inexpensive but durable and easy to clean. Perhaps the most widely used building material is marble that is used to make historic buildings and statues as it leaves a lasting impact on visitors. One of the reasons for its popularity is due to its durability and ability to withstand many weather conditions. If you are planning on using marble outside your home such as using it to make pillars, it is a good idea to contact a marble wholesaler as you are going to need a lot of the material. The unique look of this stone is another reason for its attractiveness to people as it comes in many different shades that create a smooth surface that glistens under light and gives a clean look to your room or bathroom or any other room. Here are some of the ways that you can incorporate it into your home design: 

  • You can use it to create pillars outside your home which was a popular form of construction in the Greek culture and also helps in supporting the weight of the house.  
  • To make a statement piece, you can use this stone as a wall which will to only give it a fresh feeling, but you can also choose the marble according to your setting, for example using grey polished marble for warm spaces. 
  • It is a popular material choice for kitchen counter tops or splash backs as it is easily to clean and resistant to heat. It does not scratch easily and will give your kitchen an elegant look which will go perfectly with your newly built home. You can go to marble wholesalers to get a good range of colours and shades to choose from. 
  • Tiles made from this stone are great for flooring options from anywhere in the bathroom to the dining room as it gives a grand look to the space making it appear larger than it is. 
  • You can use it to create a fireplace which will become the centre of your lounging area and will give it a regal look and match any type of curtains or furniture that you have already placed there. 
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