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How do café blinds differ from window blinds?

Man has progressed a lot in different fields of life. However, our topic will be mainly revolving around the advancement of man in the field of construction. It is a fact that a room is incomplete without windows and door in it but this fact is applicable for the indoor areas only because outdoor areas are mostly open from all sides. We put blinders and curtains to our windows in our rooms and interiors because people want to prevent themselves from direct sunlight and unpleasant weather. On the other hand, outdoor places are enjoyed as such because people want to get entertained by the exterior view of the place but there are times when people get uncomfortable with the direct sunlight falling on their faces or the wind storms causing unpleasantness. People have come up with the concept of blinders for outdoor places as well. Obviously these blinders are different form the ones that are used for the indoor places. In this article, we will be particularly disusing about outdoor cafe blinds in Melbourne. Moreover, we will be studying the difference between cafe blinds and window blinds. 


Before directly discussing about outdoor cafe blinds, let us comprehend the idea about the blinds themselves. In simplest words, blinds can be defined as the covering or a screen of a window which is sometimes installed exteriorly while there are times when they are installed interiorly as well. These blinds not only protect the entrance of direct sunlight but also provide privacy when necessary. They are either made in the form of horizontal slats or as rollers. We can say that blinds functions as shades or screens. 

Outdoor cafe blinds: 

There are times when people like to sit in outdoor places to enjoy the view and scenery but unpleasant weather makes the external sitting difficult. However, people have come up with the solution for this issue as well by inventing the concept of outdoor blinds. You must have seen the huge screen like structures that are installed in the outdoor places. These screen like structures are given the name of outdoor blinds. Outdoor cafe blinds are the kind of screens or shade sails online that lets you enjoy the external view while protecting you from direct sunlight at the same time. People sitting in the cafe can enjoy the scenery because these cafe blinds are invisible that allows you to enjoy the scenery.   

How do cafe blinds differ from window blinds?  

Even though the main function of both; cafe blinds as well as window blinds is same that is to restrict the entrance of direct sunlight and to protect the people from unpleasant weather. However, there are some differences between the two as well. Cafe blinds are made up of invisible or clear polyvinyl chloride that allows the people to view the external scenery. On the other hand, window blinds are either made up of the slats of wood or metal. Both kinds of blinds can be easily opened or closed according to the will of a person but cafe blinds are unable to give the privacy as window blinds provide. Another obvious difference that exists between the two is that window blinds can be made up of different colors but all kinds of cafe blinds are opaque. 

These cafe blinds can be used in any kind of outdoor place but as they are most commonly used for the exteriors of cafes so they have been named as such. Bistro blinds or exterior blinds are the two alternative terms that are used for cafe blinds. 


We install screens, shades and blinds to our windows for various reasons. The most common being that they protect the entrance of direct sunlight, restrains the rain entry and provides privacy at the same time. Cafe blinds also mainly perform the same function except for the privacy part because they are made up of clear polyvinyl chloride that allows the people to see through. Outdoor cafe blinds are a must need for the cafes that have exterior sitting place. “Sunsoft shade system Australia” offers the best quality of cafe blinds and other such exterior shading products.  

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