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All you need to know about lock re-keying

What is lock re-keying? 

The process of changing locks code is known as locks re-keying. A locksmith will take out your lock and he will change the pins and springs of your lock. The locksmith based in Brighton will also provide you with the new keys after making the cuts that will match your new lock pins. He will check and make sure that the pins and keys are matching with each other. After re-keying is done, your old keys will not work in the same lock. 

Why do we need lock re-keying? 

There are many reasons that will lead you to lock re-keying but the main purpose behind it is security of your house. If you have lost your key then to make sure that you house is secured when you are out, you need to re-key your lock. The process is very simple, you just need to find a good locksmith who is expert in his filed, he will take out the old lock and provide you with the new one after re-keying it. It is very important that you should remember if you have given your keys to your family and friends. This is basically known as key control that you are aware of the people whom you have given your keys. If anyone of them has lost their key or you have forgotten about anyone of them then you will be needing rekeying in Melbourne of your locks. Most quality locks can be easily re-keyed and if the lock is of high security, then whenever it is re-keyed, you will be getting a new registered code with its registered keys. 

When does re-keying make sense? 

Here comes the question that when exactly you need you locks to be re-keyed. So we have mentioned some main points when you can need re-keying to be done. There are many situations where you feel that how important it is to have your locks re-keyed. If you have just shifted into a home or you are changing your rental home, you will feel more secured with a re-keyed door. You may not know about how many old keys of the house are out there, so re-keying your locks is the safest and most secure option that you should do after purchasing a new home. Even if your home was constructed by a professional company, there can be some keys which the workers may be using and which can still open the doors.  

  1. when your keys are lost somewhere. 
  1. They are comparatively in low price as compared to new locks 
  1. If the door hardware already installed is in a better condition 
  1. When you want to have your new keys immediately 
  1. When you have a security threat  

Why it is good to re-key your locks? 

Many homeowners don’t even have any idea f when and why do they need to re-key their locks. In case of living in a rental house, it becomes necessary to re-key your locks. It is very important for the purpose of security. 

To make a better understanding of the process of re-keying here is a little explanation of the whole process. It includes replacing the cylinder of the lock to make sure that the old key does not work in the door. Some people think that they can try to do this themselves but it is suggested that they should use a local locksmith. They are not only experts in breaking the lock but they can very perfect in facing the challenge of small pieces of lock flying everywhere. 

Things you should take care while re-keying: 

You need to be sure about the locksmith that you are going with a professional locksmith. This point must not be ignored at any cost, especially when scared homeowners keep trying to re-key their locks themselves. This can only lead to a broken lock but it will also add extra costs of calling someone from outside to fix that lock. There are hundred of more reasons to re-keying a lock. If you have recently shifted your house and moved into a new home, you must consider having the locks re-keyed in each room. 

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